What is a Traineeship?

A Traineeship is a  course that is designed to get young people into an apprenticeship/employment. They will receive: 1:1 support, information advice and guidance, Functional Skills Maths and English qualifications (if required), work preparation training, Confidence building, event planning, interview skills, employer engagement and quality work experience with live employers in their chosen sector.

CTS Traineeship 1
Traineeship 3

Travel Arrangements

Whilst engaged on the traineeship course they will receive a weekly Travel pass (Bus & Tram) from CTS. They can also apply for a learner bursary, if you are eligible you will receive a weekly payment into your bank account to help with lunch and other expenses. (Being on our Traineeship course or receiving a learner bursary should not affect any other benefits you are in receipt of it is just extra to what you already receive.)


  • 16-18 years old.

  • Not previously completed a Traineeship

  • Does not currently hold any qualification at Level 3 or above.

  • Not in employment/training at another provider at the start of the CTS traineeship course.

Are you unsure about your eligibility? Give us a call: 0114 2636570

CTS Traineeship 2
CTS Sheffield 2

Any Incentives?

Yes, the main incentive is of course the opportunity to prove your ability whilst on a traineeship which may result in you being offered an apprenticeship or permanent work placement, the employer will also provide you with a work reference and the experience and new skills you gain can be added to your CV making you more attractive to a potential employer.