Information for Parents and Carers

At CTS Training we know that the relationship we have with parents and carers is vitally important. Excellent communication with home can ensure our learners achieve their goals. It gives parents the chance to keep up to date with how their son or daughter is doing at CTS and an opportunity to contact CTS should any concerns arise.

CTS Training

The CTS Approach

Throughout their time at CTS learners will receive ongoing feedback about the progress they are making and we welcome the opportunity to share this with you.  Our staff will be in contact on a regular basis through the post and via telephone to ensure that parents/carers are kept informed and we welcome any requests to come in to CTS to discuss learner progress or any support needs face to face.

What is the 16-19 Bursary Fund?

Learners can apply for the 16- 19 Bursary if they require financial support to help them stay in education or training post 16. It is there to reimburse any costs incurred to attend Post 16 Education or Training.



Attendance and Punctuality

At CTS Training we expect our learners  to attend all of their sessions and to be punctual.  Good attendance is also very important for employment and further training or higher education.  We monitor attendance carefully and any concerns will be discussed with the learner. We will also contact home if we are worried about attendance.

Homework and Independent Study

Whatever course your son or daughter is studying, their tutor will set some work to do on their own or in a group outside of lesson time. This might be referred to as ‘homework’ but they don’t necessarily have to do it at home, they can also use the independent study facilities at CTS Training.


When learners complete work set their tutors will let them know how well they are doing and how to improve. It is really important that learners think carefully about all feedback they receive and work with their tutor to make improvements as a result of the feedback so that they can achieve their potential and higher.

Positive Behaviour Policy

CTS Training aim is to ensure all learners have an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience and nothing should prevent this from happening.  No individual should prevent another from learning.  In order to support learning and to create a community that all learners and staff want to be a part of, we have a Behaviour and Positive Engagement policy. CTS are committed to ALL learners being treated fairly and with respect.

Positive Behaviour Policy

CTS expect the following commitment from ALL our learners:

  • To behave in a safe and responsible manner
  • To show respect and tolerance for all others
  • To take responsibility for their own learning
  • To tell us when they are having any problems and seek help
  • To take pride in their learning environment and treat it with respect


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