CTS TRAINING - Providing learners with skills and qualifications to enhance the local economy, focusing on the vision of People, Opportunities and Change.

APPRENTICESHIPS - Carry on learning or gain on the job qualifications.  An apprenticeship could be the option for you !

CTS STUDY PROGRAMME - Money in your pocket, more confidence, new friends, skills to progress into an apprenticeship, employment or further education !

ADULT SKILLS - We offer the opportunity to work towards nationally approved skills for life and employability qualifications.

RECRUITMENT - Want to find new staff? Use our FREE service and together with your recruiter we provide a risk free approach to building your business.


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Our aim is to provide all learners with the skills, motivation, work ethic and qualifications to enhance their expectations and contribute to the success of the local economy, focusing the vision of People, Opportunities and Change.


On this website you will find all information about our apprenticeships, training and how we can help employers.

Latest News

sheffield-health-social-care-team-support-care-in-the-community  Our Health & Social Care Tutor in Sheffield, Carolyn Sovatabua, set her group of learners on a mission to promote healthy eating in care and how to provide care in the community. The learners decided on a great idea of making healthy smoothies and selling them to staff within Peel House at 50p a cup. With this, the group brought in...